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At this point, you’re probably wondering, “what is this new”

Well, to put it in a few words – it is, OUR ONLINE MERCADO! is a multiple-vendor marketplace where sellers/vendors can sell their products to a HUGE segment of the US population – HISPANICS! Not only for hispanics, but for non-hispanics as well.
This online mercado is designed with vibrant colors that reflect our vibrant culture. Some of our products are those that remind you of, “the good ole days,” when you would visit your local mercado and taste the wide variety of mexican candies, beverages, and foods.
Our mercado represents (or tries to) represent not only the mexican culture, but, the Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, and a few other hispanic cultures. We have included a few products from each of these cultures in the form of food, candy, tote bags, and wall clocks. We have also included bedding in these different cultures, with rich and vibrant designs of the Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban cultures. Our mercado also has bath, home decor, and other categories representing these hispanic cultures.


Remember the mexican candy that you craved when visiting your mercado/flea market/tiendita? With a large variety of mexican candy to choose from, it was a difficult task in deciding which candy you wanted. From the coated peanuts, to the Masapan candy. We have included just a small selection for now, but will increase our mexican candy product line for you in the next few weeks.  Our assortment of mexican candies will satisfy your cravings and your fiesta candy needs! ; )



Have a craving for authentic mexican food but can’t seem to find it at your local store(s)? Our mercado has a small variety of mexican foods such as canned tamales, canned menudo, galletas,etc.
We have included a variety of hot sauces to satisfy those hot and spicey cravings. We will also be adding food products to the “must have” list of mexican, puerto rican, and cuban foods in the upcoming weeks. Comments and more comments from hispanics living in parts of the US that do not carry a hispanic product line, have mentioned that these hispanic products are missed and craved very often! We have tried our very best to bring you these favorites of yours that will refresh your taste buds and bring back good ole memories! If you wish to see your favorite foods and or candy, here in the mercado, contact us, and we can add these to the list of products that need to be added in the near future.



concha pillow

Our mercado carries a wide variety of handmade goods/products, ranging from mexican cookware, dolls, serapes, decorative mini sombreros, mini maracas, and much, much more.  Our selection of handmade products can be viewed here.  Si, our selection of handmade products is small, but we will continue to add new handmade products on a consistent basis – every week. We hope what we have selected, you will find interesting and affordable.  Some of these handmade products are, “Hecho En Mexico,” while others are handmade here in the US by mexican artisans who have mastered their craft.

While we have mentioned just a few categories, there are several others that we did not include in our first blog post. We anticipate in adding a blog post every week – to keep you posted of our newest products, the latest news about our new hispanic mercado, and for just about anything else related to our online mercado. If you have any ideas for a blog post, or would like to be a guest blogger, let us know, we would be more than happy to include you in. We have room for blog posts about mexican candy/food,  mexican products, food recipes (mexican, puerto rican, cuban, domincan), and anything else you think would generate some interest here in

Gracias, and enjoy your visit here:  OUR MARKETPLACE – NUESTRO MERCADO!

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