Need help in organizing your daughters quince event?

We have a Vendors List to download and print here – Sweet 15 Vendor List.

Here are some tips if you have a small budget:

  1. Turn your family and friends into photographers: Assign some family & friends the simple task of taking pictures (everybody has a smartphone these days!), especially of important events like the entrance to the church, dance hall, etc. As well, the father-daughter dance and the group shots. Take plenty of selfies. Many of the younger guests will post pictures on social media such as Instagram – so create a hashtag for this special event.
  2. Create a playlist for your event: Music is a must have at a Quince party. Hiring a DJ may be  expensive—try making your own playlist instead! Or if one of your friends or family members is in a band, ask them to play at the party.
  3. Serve a buffet instead of a sit-down meal: Cut down on expenses by having a buffet filled with appetizers and finger food. This is an easy way to serve and eat. Unless you have tia Lupe who can do the catering for a cheap price!
  4. Rent the decorations or make them yourself (or have tia Lupe make them): make sure you start early in advance if you plan on making them yourself. Not everybody is that creative – not even tia Lupe!
  5. Reduce the number of guests (includes relatives): by reducing the number of guests invited, you are saving money for the food, drinks, and other miscellaneous items. Just invite your closest relatives and friends.
  6. Quinceañera dress – one of the most expensive quince itemes! Shop online, go to your local oulet mall. Look for gently used secondhand dresses on places such as Craigslist.