Mexican Candy - Authentic Candy From Mexico

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Mexican Candy – Mazapan De La Rosa Jumbo Size 20 Pcs Box


Mexican Candy – Sonric’s Gudu Pop 53 Pcs Bag


Mexican Candy – Tamanzela Banderilla Tamarind Flavor 40 pcs


Mexican Candy – Lorena Crayon Soft Candy 10 Pcs


Mexican Candy – Beny Locochas Chamoy 60 pc Bag


Mexican Candy – Beny Locochas Mix Flavor 60pcs Bag


Mexican Candy – Beny Locochas Fresa (Strawberry) 60ct Bag


Mexican Candy – Beny Locochas Tamarind 60ct Bag


Mexican Candy – Beny Sandia X-treme Lollipop With Chili 40pc Bag


Mexican Candy – Borrachitos Cuculense Chico 30 Pcs Box


Mexican Candy – Canel’s Chewing Gum Fruit 60pcs 10oz Box (2Pk)


Mazapan De La Rosa Candy 12 Ct (2Pk)


Mexican Candy – Chaca Chaca Grande 10-Pc (2Pk)


Mexican Candy – De La Rosa Pinata Candy Mix 4LB Bag


Mexican Candy – Lucas Skwinkles Rellenos Box


Mexican Candy – Ricolino Duvalin Hazelnut And Vanilla Candy (2 Pk)


Mexican Candy

It can be sweet, or it can be sour – Mexican candy is a favorite staple or snack in the hispanic communities across the United States. These types of candies can be pleasing to the taste buds, as well as pleasing to the pocket book, as several of these candies are somewhat inexpensive.
There are several brands that produce these mexican candies that we love today. The candies that are very popular are those that satisfy the taste buds with it’s spicy, sweet, or sour flavors. Along with the popular flavors, are the shape and size of these mexican candy favorites. Some are long, some come in a powder form, others are hard to chew on, yet, are favorites to many who are wanting a quick reminder of when they were kids munching away on their favorite candy.
With a plethora of mexcican candy to choose from, we are sure that your taste buds will want more once you try these out.