The Big Decision: Menudo or MexDonalds?


Have you ever had to make the tough decision – menudo or “MexDonalds?”

It is not surprizing to know that many of us USA hispanics have had this “tough” decison. Yes, we have had to decide on many occasions as to eating our hispanic favorites, or the traditional American plate, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, etc.
Menudo is, as you know a VERY popular and favorite plate that has been around for years, passing the traditonal family recipe to the younger generations. Sure, if you go to certain parts of the US, menudo may be made a bit different – but, usually consists of the same ingredients (posole and tripe), along with the numerous of spices that you can sprinkle it with.

Often, the decision is to get some fast food that can be eaten within a fifteen or so time frame to get your order. As compared to menudo, it can take several hours to make. Unless, you take the shortcut, of which many have taken – buying the menudo from a can. This canned menudo can pretty much resemble the homemade “made from love,” menudo. It is both delicious and quite satisfying if you want to take a short drive to your nearest supermarket (or mercado), to have this ready and served within minutes.

For those who prefer to make it from scratch and time is not of the esssence, sure, it may take a few hours for the prep time and cooking time, to cut the tripe, mix in the spices such as oregano and cilantro, but the anticipation of tasting a homemade soup or menudo – CAN’T BEAT THAT!

If you decide on the short route – buying from the local mexican food restaurant, or taking some time to create this “la cruda” wonder food, they both are satisfying to the taste buds! This traditional Mexican food is a “must try,” for those non-hispanics! ; )

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