(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q What is MyFiesta.market
It is a brand new online platform or marketplace/mercado with multi-vendors selling their products to the millions of US Hispanics (and of course, non-hispanics). It is 100% Hispanic owned! ; )

Q What products/cultures is the mercado representing?
We have pretty much all the “major” races from:

  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • Dominican Republic
  • Cuba

We are in the process of getting (or representing) products from other countries.

Q What shipping companies do you use?
As we are a market of different sellers/vendors, each vendor has there own shipping company that they use, we are not involved in the selection process of these shipping companies.

Q Why do some products have “FREE SHIPPING,” while others don’t? 
Some vendors will provide FREE SHIPPING, as they can absorb the cost, while others cannot. A large majority of these companies that offer FREE SHIPPING are companies that have fullfillment warehouses, and have a ton of products to sell. Other vendors will have the shipping costs added to the shopping cart and will reflect on the total price of the product.

Q What is your Returns policy?
A Each product will have this information on the product page in a small orange box, “RETURNS.” Just click on it and it will give you the Returns/Exchanges policy for each vendor/seller.

Q Why do some products take such a long time to ship?
A As we are a marketplace for vendors/sellers to sell their products, each vendor will have their own shipping policy in place, of which we have no control. Some of these products are shipped from various fullfillment warehouses that are overseas, that takes time to process, pack, and ship the products. Other products are custom made or handmade, and thus takes a little more time to design, produce/create, pack, and ship.

Q What if I didnt get my product in the mail or delivered?
We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or tampered with packages. If you are having trouble locating your package please contact the carrier you chose first to track it. We will not replace lost or stolen packages. We provide delivery confirmation but do not provide insurance on packages.

Where is MyFiesta.market located?
El Paso, Texas

Who is behind this new mercado, who started it?
A  This new online mercado was started by a serial “interprenuer” (internet entrepenuer), with several years in web design, SEO (Search Engine Marketing), graphic design, and ecommerce. With several online ventures under his belt, and 2 local awards for web design – this mercado is owned by a true Hispanic!



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