Mexican Candy


Mexican candy comes in a variety of flavors and combinations of sweet, spicy, mild, hot, salty, and sour. This traditional Mexican candy is bought throughout the United States where Hispanics and non-Hispanics are residing. Yes, non-Hispanics LOVE Mexican candy! The candy is prevalent and sold on the internet with small unique Hispanic online stores, as well, the candy is also sold in a variety of websites.

The wide selection of Mexican candy can be used for traditional fiestas or parties, used in piñata’s, religious celebrations, or for just about any other reason or occasion to eat this flavored candy. Religious celebrations such as the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, will feature small skulls, or calaveras – with bright festive colors, and a heavy dose of sugar. This day of celebration, lots of Mexican candy is purchased throughout Mexico, as well as in the United States with a large Hispanic population.

Hispanic favorites are the wide variety of lollipops. They come in a wide range of flavorful choices – spicy, tangy, sweet, and come in popular flavors such as mango, strawberry, apricot, cherry, and a few others. There are also several lollipops that come in a spicy flavor, with a variety of chili powder coatings.  You can’t go wrong with these Mexican lollipops!

Another favorite is the cajeta or caramel candy. Some of this candy is made from caramelized fresh cow and goat’s milk. YUM!! These come in the form of lollipops, chewy caramel, and hard candies.

Let’s not forget the ever so popular chewing gum, or Chicle. These small square like gums come in an assortment of flavors, some even come in a chili powder flavor. These gums or candies were (are) sold on the street corners for a good small and affordable price. This chewing gum is seen in just about every Hispanic store counter or shelf – if not up front, perhaps in the candy section.

There are numerous of other Hispanic candies that we did not mention, but, the few that are mentioned here – they are a delight for just about any kid and/or adult. They play a major role in us US Hispanics, they remind us of our past and culture! They are part of our upbringing and part of our traditions. These Mexican candies are part of our celebrations, part of our holidays, and part of our daily snack times.  You don’t need to go south of the border for these delicious candies, most are found here in the USA. Enjoy! ; )