Do you have an exisiting website and want more traffic?
Do you want to sell more of your products?
Having a hard time bringing in traffic to your site?
Undecided about showcasing your products to the largest minority group in the US? Click here to see some Hispanic facts.

¿Tienes un sitio web existente y quieres más tráfico?
¿Quieres vender más de tus productos?
¿Tiene dificultades para atraer tráfico a su sitio?
¿No está seguro de mostrar sus productos al grupo minoritario más grande de los Estados Unidos? Haga clic aquí para ver algunos hechos hispanos.

______________________________________________________________________ offers several opportunities to advertise on our website:

  • Placing your product display ad on the Home page – Featured box section
  • Placing your product display ad on a Category page
  • Placing your product display ad on another page (Contact, FAQ’s, etc.)

There are NO contracts to sign, no extra charges or fees. We can even design a display ad for your company and/or product (for a small fee). See sample banner and display ads here. Pricing will be determined depending on your specific ad placement.

No hay contratos para firmar, sin cargos adicionales o tarifas. Incluso podemos diseñar un anuncio gráfico para su empresa y / o producto (por una pequeña tarifa). Ver banner de muestra y anuncios de visualización aquí. El precio se determinará en función de la ubicación específica de su anuncio.


How does placing an ad on your site help me in selling my products?

Our mercado is visited by your target market – Hispanics in the US. By showcasing your products on our site, your “reach” is amplified or increased due to our daily, monthly Hispanic visitors.

What kind of ads can I get?

Here are just a few sample banner ads that we can design for you.

How much will it cost me to place an ad?

Our pricing structure is very simple and affordable. The cost depends on the placement of the ad. For example, an ad placed on the Home page will be more than an ad placed on another page. Home pages are the most visited page on a website, as it is the first page that a visitor sees.

Can I choose the placement of the ad?

Yes, but it depends if other content or other ads are already taking up that space. Your ad can be placed on the top or bottom of the page. But, again, it depends on the space availability.

Where will the customers be taken to when they click on the ad?

When the ad is clicked, it can take them to your Product page (if you are selling on our mercado platform), or, it can take them directly to your own website. You tell us, and we can direct that link to your preference.

Can you design an ad for our products?

We certaintly can! Our talented and small group of graphic designers (ALL Hispanics who know Hispanic stuff) – can design an ad for a small fee.

Can we use our own ad if we have one already?

You certaintly can! It also depends on the size of the display ad that you have and the availability of the space to accomodate your ad. But, we will try to fit your ad where it gets the most traffic. And of course – the biggest ROI (Return of Investment)!

How will I know if the ad is directing traffic to my product page or website?

Excellent question! We do NOT run reports about the traffic or lack of, but hopefully if you have a website in place, you have placed the Google Analytics code on your page to see the traffic coming in and out.
As well, we have a team member that is Google Analytics Certified and can direct you to the right direction to achieve your goal of – more traffic.

Do you have any sample ads to see?

Click here to see a few sample ads that we have designed. Keep in mind, your ad can be in english, spanish – or “spanglish!”